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I was busy at work and Robert a guy I work with needed a little help. I told him to come into the lab and I locked the door behind us as I wanted to get some work done undisturbed and then go home. I leaned over one of the computers that I had been working on most of the day. And after a couple of minutes, Robert who was right behind me watching what I thought was the computer screen until his hand grabbed my ass. I guess I was wrong about what he was looking at. I “yiped” in surprise at the impromptu groping . I asked him what that was for and he said that he was doing something that he wanted to do long ago. I asked him what that was and he said to give me what I deserve. He began to rub my ass through my jeans and then reached inside the back of them and grabbed my ass. He told me that he'd been eyeing me for a long time. Ever since he caught me on cam online naked playing with my hard cock and sliding a dildo in and out of my ass. I told him that I didn't know what he was talking about, but he said that I showed my face on cam. He was telling me this all the while exploring my ass with his hand in my jeans. I tried to feign innocence, but I guess I wasn't too persuasive. I can't help it, I love to get naked on cam and show off. He reached around and unbuttoned my jeans. I didn't put up much of a fight because I thought he would tell people what he saw me do plus I was so horny. I was living a fantasy over which I was so wickedly horny and have lost my self control masturbating over many times before. I was being forced to do everything that he wanted. In the past this was just a fantasy, but now this was as real as it can get. I had to let Robert continue making me do gay acts. He pulled my pants down over my ass and down to my ankles. I don't wear underwear, so I was completely exposed and it was hard to hide my excitement. He saw my rock hard cock and grabbed my ass. I needed some relief, so I started to stroke my cock. As I did Robert leaned over, spread my ass cheeks and started to lick around my hole. MMMMMMMM...

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