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Fulfilling fantasies

What seems like a long time ago in my early teenage years, I found myself being somewhat addicted to watching porn. Every opportunity I got I was at the computer watching porn of all different flavours, and for a while I found myself really enjoying lesbian porn. So one day as I was watching a video of these two hot little blondes going at each other I never imagined that my life was going to change by the end of that movie. Getting really excited by watching one of these women having her pussy eaten I was in for the shock of a lifetime when the other then stood up, pulled up her mini skirt and pulled out a hard thick throbbing cock. I was blown away. What the hell I this im watching? Ive never seen anything like this before. My instant reaction was to turn the video off and watch something else, but just as quickly as I thought to do that I found myself become mesmerized by this cock. And in that video something changed inside me that has never been the same since.

After that I was always thinking about tyranny’s and how amazing it would be to suck on a hard cock. To lay with a stunning woman with a hot thick dick for me. These fantasies went on for years before I one day decided I couldn’t do it anymore. I had to find out how it feels. So with a cock hungry determination I set out online to find a dating site that would put me in contact with the object of my lust. I was surprised at how easy it was to find and before I knew it I had arranged to go and meet a ts in a week’s time. I couldn’t believe it. Me, a young straight male, was about to go and suck on another person’s cock I felt like I shouldn’t be as excited as I was but in all honesty despite being almost giddy with nervousness I was ravenous to feel this cock, and before I knew it the weekend had arrived and it was time. Time for me to move forward and never look back.

On the drive over to my ts saviours house I again couldn’t believe what I was doing. Was I really going to go through with this? What would doing this mean? And suddenly all too soon I was pulled up outside her house and having to take deep breaths to calm my nerves.

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