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Foursome with two ladyboys

It's been quite some time since I posted a new shemale story here. Hope all of You who have experience with shemales will finally have some courage to write about it and share it with us. Let this sizzling story by Tommy be an inspiration to You. Who wouldn't want to be in his place in this crazy foursome?

I gotta tell you about a great night at Nana Plaza a few months ago. I'd called into a few bars and almost hooked up with a hot looking Tgirl from Casanova, but felt like getting some fresh air. I wandered around Nana and was thinking of heading home when a muscly Korean guy - first time there, asked me if I would show him around the place. Well, it's almost my home away from home so I said I would have a beer or two with him and show him the ropes.

We hit a girly bar but it really sucked - ugly bored girls. I said what about a ladyboy bar - he'd heard about these but had never been to one. We rocked on down to Obsessions and found ourselves a seat, and in no time we had a lot of new shemale friends. He just couldn't believe that all the girls weren't in fact girls - even the bar staff! He saw one shemale who looked like an ex girlfriend of his and bought her a beer - I too found a hot Tgirl Vanessa with awesome tits and a tight waist and we got friendly.

Lee the Korean guy (a fit looking tennis pro) couldn't quite get his head around the whole concept and kept asking me what sort of sex you could have with a ladyboy. The answer of course is everything! Things progressed and he asked if I as thinking of taking Vanessa out. I said I would and he said he'd take his girl too. They were planning to go to a short time room at Nana but then I remembered that I'd been upgraded to a suite at the Marriott and in a moment of reckless inspiration invited all 3 round to my hotel.

So, off we went, stopping at the shop across the road from Nana to pick up a big pack of condoms: Back in the suite the girls headed for the bathroom to do whatever it is they do and Lee and I had a beer.

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