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Fortunate accident part 3

A few days pass and I received an email informing me that she and her "friend" would be coming in three hours. I quickly shaved, got out my lingerie, and prepared my ass. I held off on make up and dressing up because I didn't know how she wanted to approach this.

Finally, a car rolls up. She comes to the door with her hunky man friend and knocks. I rush over and open the door. Se greets me warmly and introduces me to her friend Zach. She closes the door and gestures for us to go to the bedroom. I was living with my parents at the time and they were off on a trip so I, naturally, took them to the master bedroom. She smiled and oscillated her finger up and down my body. "strip" she said giggling. I unzipped my pants and pulled them down. "Slower" she interrupted "work your ass a little!". I, immensely turned on by this, rotated myself, so my rear faced her and Zach, and shook my ass back and forth. I grabbed both of my cheeks and spread to reveal my asshole. She paced towards me and smacked my cheeks gently while whispering "moan". I obeyed her command and sighed loudly in a sexual manor. "More feminine!"she ordered with a grin on her face. I followed suit, letting out the most high pitched and sexy moan I could muster. She stuck her finger in her mouth and withdrew the digit with saliva slathered upon it. She promptly inserted the finger in my ass and worked her way up to my prostate. She gentle rubbed up and down the gland while her other hand stroked my scrotum. I let out another moan and heard Zach release a laugh at the same time. She then laughed herself and said "you're such a slut!" as she smacked my ass again with her free hand. Pulling her finger out of my body, She told me to get ready and I quickly scampered off to bathroom to outfit myself. That wasn't even a warm up for what was to come next.

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