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Forbidden Thoughts

My penis is pocket size when soft approximately 3”. On occasion it’s an inch shorter. I very much enjoy my cock when it is soft. Im 5-5.5 inches hard, which is considered average. In my mind Im small when hard but that’s how I want it. If I had the chance I would use a penis pump to lenghten my dick only if my girth reduced. (Girth-3.5 inches) That way I’d be able to pull my cock further back into my asscheeks, allowing me to enter my ass and to self-suck. I’d also use it to bring me closer to being able to suck myself. I love cum, I have given myself self-facials as well as cum shots to my mouth. My balls are somewhat large. I stretch my sack several ways: I push my nuts into the ingenious canals which allows me to stretch it any way I like, sometimes stretch it all which requires a sense of softness, I also enjoy cock rings. I use belts, hairties, socks, basically anything that wi cause some restriction. My ass is very feminine looking, my asshole is stretchable beings I like to use large dildos to stretch me. When I remove what is in my asshole I relax causing my anus to remain stretched (gape). When I first started I had to deal with lots of soreness, sometimes I would cause a small tear on the outer rim of my asshole. I’ve never taken any real dick, honestly I don’t believe I ever will. I just love anal masterbation. Genital & Anal torture is another activity I partake in occasionally. Varying from forced strecthing, to constriction, and extreme hot/cold play. BDSM torture is something I want. Whip me, spank me, tie me up, throat fuck me, force me to watch you be fucked my another man who’s cock is bigger than mine, blow another man while I watch as you take his load into your mouth then covering your face once he seems to be empty you milk his dick for more onto your chest, make me helpless by taking control and using my sexual need to be dominated against me. That’s all for now, I am going to untuck my little guy and masturbate hoping she helps me out.

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