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Flying High

Flying High

Janice loved working as an airline hostess. Traveling all
around the world enabled her to meet many people which
she enjoyed doing, however she always felt alone, until
one day while they were flying at 30,000 feet the plane
suddenly encountered a lot of turbulence which caught
her off guard and she found herself on a business man’s

She wasn’t sure who was shocked the most, her at her
unexpected seating arrangements or him as he
experienced a sudden lap dance from one of the sexiest
airline hostesses that he had ever seen. With the way the
plane was rocking and rolling he wasn’t about to let her
go in a hurry even though the seat belt sign had come on.
Janice was apologizing the whole time and it took a few
moments to realise that he was introducing himself. His
name was Mike and he insisted that when they land he
buy her a drink in the Qantas Club Lounge where they
could sit quietly and get to know each other.

When she finally agreed to meet him, he let her go, she
found the turbulence had finished and they were flying
smoothly again. She got back to working the aisles
longing for the flight to end.

Janice was a very attractive sexy babe with huge DD
firm breasts, a slim build, long black hair which she tied
back and kept tidy during the flights. She had an olive
complexion and with her dark eyes she was stunningly
beautiful. However there was something very different
about Janice and even though Janice was very eager to
meet Mike she was certain he wouldn’t be impressed
when he found out about her little secret.

Finally the flight touched down at Sydney airport on time.
The passengers headed towards the baggage terminal
while the crew finished up and disembarked also.
Janice made her way through the arrival gates and found
Mike waiting for her. Now that he was standing tall she
finally got a good look at him and she like what she saw.
He was very handsome and dignified in his business
suit, his smile almost made her melt into the floor and
when she thought back to her sitting in his lap she
recalled how firm but gentle his hands were and his
smell was very masculine… she had decided then that
he wasn’t a smoker which is something she was very
impressed with.

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