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First Time With A She-male

My First Time with A She-male

At that time I was 28 yrs, single as always after my gf of 10 months left me for a better alternative (we are friends till now). One Friday evening i was returning from my work a little high on vodka n some joints. I saw this boutique kinda shop near my locality displaying a very attractive dress. I just stepped inside. There was this lady very tall (5’11”) and well built approached me smiling asking “yes please how may I help you miss?”

Before everything lemme tell you something about me ....... I’m 5’7”, 135 lb, a little plump, with 36D tits. I’m a lesbian and prefer to be sub. My gf was a great domme!!! Above all I enjoy SEX!!!

I pointed to the dress on the window; it was a light purple colour thigh length silk dress! She brought the dress to me and asked me if I wanted to try it out. I said yes; she then held my hand softly and led me to the back side of the shop. I found it secluded and covered from the rest of the shop, none from the shop could see me there. There was a big couch, three big mirrors, a small TV set, a small fridge & some fashion magazines scattered around. Once inside that enclosure, she handed me the dress and said “please go ahead”. As she was leaving pulling the thick curtain behind her she said “call me if you need my help, I’m Karen”. I barely nodded.

Once alone I slowly took off my skirt and blouse and wore the dress. WOW! It was a perfect fit. I stared at myself in the mirror and kept checking my back in the other to see that my bums were very much accentuated in the sexy dress. I was smiling to myself! At this point she slowly peeps inside asking me if I was finished wearing the dress. I asked her to come and see how I looked in the dress. She stepped in and exclaimed “wow! You look so sexy in it miss”. I smiled at her. She came closer and said softly “may I adjust it a little miss?” I said oh yes sure, then she came all over me and stretched her long hands behind my back to pull my dress back a little adjusting it over my hips and bums her long fingers brushing against my ass.

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