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First time sucking

I want to write about my first sexual experience... when I was about seven years old or so, I discovered that I was naturally inclined to, and very skilled, at sucking penis. a childhood friend, whom I met at church, was a bit of a sissy, and a little confused. one sunday he talked me into skipping service. we went to a vacant room. he said he wanted to put his thing in his mouth but couldn't, and wanted me to do it, and that it was hurting him because his penis just wants to feel good (he had intense boners that young), and his boner wouldn't go away unless he got some relief. he pulled it out and then my mouth watered and I got an intense erection, so I pulled mine out too, then we just got naked. his dick was way bigger than mine like adult sized nine inches. it was like I fell in love with my friends penis. it was a really good one to encounter in a lifetime. it curved upwards and pointed up, had little freckels and perfect coloration, and was throbbing and twitching intensely. I put it in my mouth and go high as shit from it. it was delicious. heavenly. in about 4 seconds I mastered deep throating. I couldn't control my drooling, and I thought eventually that this was the best food I could ever eat, so I couldn't control myself on trying to swallow his big beautiful penis. I cant even describe that taste. I was worshipping this penis like it was god, while in a Baptist church, for three hours straight. some adult walked in on it, and was shocked. I didn't care. I was obsessed. every time we hung out, for the next four years, I worshipped that cock. I love smegma and wished it be the only thing that entered my mouth for meals. he would suck me, a little bit here and there, but our friendship was really based on my addiction to delicious penises. I only wanted to suck his dick. he got tired of my obsessive lust for his magic weiner,and eventually pushed me away. for years I craved that taste. I started sucking and worshipping my own penis.

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