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First Time Receiving

Within 30 minutes of small talk, she wanted Tony to fuck her. She had sucked many cocks, but had never been sucked herself.Adrian took Tony back to her apartment. He gently eased toward her on the couch. He put his arm around her shoulder.

Adrian felt so excited, and felt her cock hardening.Tony started kissing her; long, slow, wet kisses. He pulled her close and began stroking her back. Adrian sucked on his tongue. His mouth was warm and spicy. One by one, Adrian was stripped of all her clothes while Tony remained dressed. She did manage to open his shirt buttons, stroke his chest hair, and tease his nipples.Then came the moment she was dreading, Tony pulled off her panties exposing her cock.Tony took her hard she-meat in his hand and began stroking her shaft.

She started to open Tony's pants, but he gently pushed her hands away."I like to treat my women right" he said.He sucked her nipples, caressing her ass and squeezing her cock until she was panting out loud. He ran his finger up the crack of her butt, teasing gently at her anus but not entering it. He licked her chest, her neck her firm stomach. He told her she was sexy and how much she turned him on. Then he told her to stand in front of him.

Adrian felt exposed and helpless standing there, just as a real woman would. Then Tony did something that made her crazy, he took her dick in his mouth and began sucking!Tony pulled on her buttocks to keep her closer to his face, sucked, and licked her she-male cock. He teased it with his tongue. He blew on it. He would reach up and pinch one of her hardened nipples. Sometimes he would pull her ass cheeks apart hard. Adrian had never experienced such unbelievable sex.Then Tony pulled his head up.

"Do you want to cum?" he asked her.

"Yes" Adrian answered.

"Then tell me how much you want it" Tony told her.

"I want to cum I really need to cum " Adrian told him in a begging voice.

"I want to swallow your load, baby. I want to make your pretty cock shoot for me." Tony said.

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