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First time in Bangkok

If you have read my story about the first time I was with a TS girl then you know my experience was limited to just a few times. So about 4 years ago I went to Thailand to visit my buddy who was working there in a high profile job with the Thai government. We stayed in his apartment on the 40th floor of a 5 star hotel in Bangkok, which was pretty nice. I had just turned 39 and was looking forward to my first visit to Thailand and seeing my friend I had not seen in 4 years.

Now, I have travelled very much in Asia: PI, Hong Kong, Tokyo, Singapore, pacific islands, and Hawaii, but not Thailand. My first three nights with genetic girls (GG’s) were nothing short of disasters. Thieves, emotional crying chicks, fights with other girls, and fights with previous boyfriends sent me running to the streets one night. I was in a bar on Soi Cowboy one night, and after not really finding someone to hook up with I decided to call it a night but get some McDonalds before the cab ride home. My buddy had hooked up already, and was headed out. He yelled out to me as I was entering the McD’s, “watch out for the katoey, they are all around here”. Hmm, so now my interest was piqued.

I waited until they pulled away in the taxi, before I left the restaurant without ordering any food. I did not travel 50 feet before I was approached by a lady. She asked some stupid question, and I could not respond to it, so I looked down at my feet. Then I noticed her feet! They had to be size 11 or 12 US. I bluntly asked if she was a guy, and she responded, “I not man, I have hole!” She then grabbed my hand and pulled her panties aside and pushed my finger inside her! I was a little in shock at this point, but I politely told her she was not what I was looking for. She then says, “Oh, you wont cock? I know girl with cock.” And at that precise moment, I was surrounded by 3 Ladyboys. I did not know what to do, but I was horny and just said, “when in Rome”.

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