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First time experience...

This happened on one of my trips to give you alittle background about myself... I'm a straight guy, but for years I had fantasized about being with a trans,,,but was always too nervous or scared to carry it out. Anyway...after a nice long walk on the beach and a shower at my hotel...I thought I'd get a massage at one of the many massage places around town. I walked around town for awhile and found one that looked clean and had air con. I went into the lobby and sat down. A few minutes later an attractive young lady came out and asked if I wanted a massage. I said I'd love a message and she took me back into one of the private rooms. There was a small changing area with a privacy curtain and I stripped down to just the towel she had given me. I had noticed earlier she might had been a trans because she was so tall and most Asians aren't. She also had a voice that wasn't normal for a female to have. She was, however, very attractive and had a great body. Anyway, I went to the massage table and she asked me to lay down on my stomach. As I was laying there I was really enjoying her touch and she began asking me questions about my trip there,,,where was I from, etc. In our conversation she mentioned she was a trans and asked if that was a problem for me. I said of course not, so the massage continued. Her hands moved from my feet and slowly up my she was doing so I caught myself getting rock hard in the process. As her hands moved further up my legs, I noticed she was leaning over me and her crotch rubbed against my hands that were out if front of me over the table. At this point I was so excited I began to softly touch the bulge in her pants to see how she would react. She began to moan and I was becoming more excited every second. I couldn't help myself and reached out and undid her pants button and zipper. She helped out and took her nice cock out of her panties. Her 6' (I'd guess) cock was just inches from my face as I was slowly rubbing it with my hand. She leaned over more and her cock hit my lips...

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