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First time dressing and having sex

I had some experiences with men in the past but for the most part I had been living my life as a straight man. I was in a relationship and happy. I was walking through a thrift store one day when I happened upon a form fitting stretch denim jumpsuit. For some reason this garment aroused me. I am not sure if it was the thought of a single zipper enclosing my body or what but I felt extremely horny and the need to buy it. I bought it took it home, tried it on. As I pulled the denim over my body it stretched to fit my shape and as I zipped it closed I could remember feeling extremely aroused as the denim hugged my body. It was a woman's jumpsuit, Jennifer Lopez's JLo brand. For some reason when I had it on I felt the need to be held and fucked, I felt the strange need to be desired like a woman. This idea of cross dressing began to haunt me. I began ordering fake breasts and hip and ass pads online. I started watching online tutorials about makeup. One night I got up the courage to dress up and go out. I put on my pads, did my hair and makeup and slid into my jumpsuit. I was obviously a man, I as way to tall for a woman and the curves weren't that great but I figured what the hell. I went to a drag bar and sat down and ordered a drink. My biggest fear was being stopped by a cop, I was so afraid I would get pulled over in drag. After a drink or two I began to get frustrated because no one seemed to be paying attention to me. An older gentleman, on the large side, probably late 40s, early 50s, bald, came up to me and placed his hand right on my ass. He started some small talk with me then bought me a drink. He then moved his hand from my ass to rubbing the inside of my thigh as I was sitting there on the barstool. He told me he was going to go out for a cigarette and asked if I cared to join him. He sat down and began smoking a cigarette and I sat down next to him pulling a pack from my bag as well. He told me that I should sit on his lap instead of next to him so I did. I could feel the leather of his pants with his bulging cock grinding deep into my asshole as I sat down and this made me a bit nervous.

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