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First Time Being a Woman

My heels clicked on the concrete path as I made my way toward the secluded toilet block in the southern parklands. Tonight would be my first experience being with a man whilst I would be dressed as a woman. I had been dressing now for some time and had fantasised about what it would be like. I didn't know anyone in my own personnel life and had read in the paper that men came to the block to get sex from other men. I was so nervous I could feel my body tremble as I approached the doorway. I took one more look around before I entered.

I had selected something conservative for that evening with a grey short skirt and matching jacket with a white blouse. Under it I wore a white lace bra and panties with sheer pantyhose and white heels. I was blonde to night and wore peach eye shadow and pink lipstick. I had also applied an extra coat of lip-gloss. I could feel myself becoming aroused as the softness of my panties rubbing on my own cock with each step that I took. I made my way into the vile smelling place and waited for my eyes to adjust in the dimly lit ablutions.

The lighting was ultra violet and there were about five cubicles which ran down one side of the building at the far end was the figure of a large male who stood smoking a cigarette as he leaned against the wall. My throat was dry as I attempted to make conversation.

"Hello," I smiled.

"My name is Janette."

"Well hello Janette," came his reply.

"So Janette, what brings you here?"

"Well I don't really know," I stammered.

"Then let me help you Janette."

"Do you give or do you receive?"

"Ah, I, Ah give," I gain answered neverously.

"Have you ever had cock in that slut mouth of yours Janette?"


"Well now a first timer," he laughed.

I was beginning to tremble at his questions and I was now not so sure as if I really wanted to go through with it.

"Look I think I may have made a mistake," I said nervously.

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