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Ever since I was a teen I wanted to get fucked by a tranny. At 19 I finally got the opportunity when I moved to Leicester for university. I did a quick google search to find any in my local area. I stumbled across sexy TS from Colombia with 44DD and a 9 inch cock. My cock got extremely hard after seeing her picture. I give her a call and a sexy soft voice answered, I knew I couldn't back out now. We agreeded on a time later on that day. I couldn't wait. After what seemed like an eternity I finally got to her house.

When she opened the door, I was sadly disappointed. She was a couple of years older than her picture and put on a few extra pounds. I was still hard as fuck though ;). She lend me to her small bedroom which was only small enough to fit the double bed. She told me to strip whilst she got a drink. When she came back I was ready for her. Laying on the bed I starting sucking nipples while playing with her cock which was no where as big as displayed. As I moved down her, I reached her cock. She motioned me to suck the juicy balls and then she pushed me down to her asshole. I began licking her ass while she moaned and groaned. She kept saying slow down, I think I was going to make her cum too quickly.

It was my first time sucking cock and I tried to deep throat it which was a little difficult. It felt strange having something hard and fleshy in my mouth. As I went up and down I pulled back her foreskin and licked the tip. I could taste the slightly salty precum in my mouth. After she was fully hard I told her I was ready to lose my anal virignity. She flipped me over and put my legs in the air. Next she put the cool lube on my tight hole. I felt something between my cheeks and against my opening. Then a burning sensation, I couldn't help but grasp!

She closely kept pushing in deeper and my moans got louder. I tried to take all of it the first time round but I just couldn't. She pulled out and reapplied some lube. She tried again, this time I could take it all in. Her thrusts increased in pace and I experienced a state of nirvana eventually I ignored the pain and f***e on the pleasure as she was powerdriving me. Next she flipped me onto my stomach and humped me until I was screaming her name. This sent her over the edge and I felt the spasm in my arsehole and rest on top of me.

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