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First Meeting with Couple

Hi everyone,

I actually went through with it and got together with the couple from the fetish party to experience my first sex and scene in real life. It didn't go as i had dreamed of; but, thinking that it would go like that was pretty naive on my part.

To start with, i Must tell how cute I looked and what I was all dolled up in. We were meeting at a hotel that i was familiar with (but lived about 20 miles away) so I wasn't concerned about seeing anyone I knew or dressing too provocatively.

I've colored my hair and need to upload a new photo. I'm a blonde now ( and I love it!) I had 5 in strappy sandals on, no stockings, and a black microfiber dress with faux crocodile and gold zipper down the middle and a longer hem in the back (I'll upload a pic today). Underneath was a black onyx wet look side tie string bikini panty. I had a simple black pvc and rhinestone studded choker and shimmery wet light pink lip gloss. I left my hair down and wavy. I was dressed for whatever would happen. I also brought a few changes of outfits just in case.

I'm going to use false names for the couple (Stacy and John). I arrived after they had and they let me in. They are in their mid forties. Stacy is a dyed redhead with a lovely voluptuous body which I know she works very hard for. John is average. Average everything. Black hair, thinning, about 5ft 10in and probably has an extra 15 pounds, but not unattractive. Stacy is agressive and energetic and she definitely wears the pants. He was along for the ride and didn't seemed to be very happy.

She was in a light pink chiffon cocktail dress and 6 in white patent pumps and he was in jeans and a blue button down shirt (average). She and I sat down and talked for a few minutes while he stood next to her. She told me that John had been a naughty boy for the past few days, and that he was going to have to make up for it tonight. She said that we could both call her Mistress since neither of us were real men. i responded with a sincere "Yes Mistress!" and he just sulked.

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