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First Hotel Encounter

we met online and agreed to meet at a hotel. I was so nervous but excited to explore this very wrong side of sexuality. At the front desk, you had your arms around me kissing me deeply as you pushed up my skirt so the clerk could see my pink panty covered rear as he flashed you the "way to go pal!" signal and threw you the keys as my package hardened. We got in the room and you could hardly contain your naughty desire as you quickly undressed and pulled me over your lap to spank me through my bikini as you pushed my skirt over my waist. "I'm a naughty girl, Daddy, so naughty!" I loved the feeling of being spanked by a man and wondered what my wife would think if she saw this man's hands all over my ass as he is attracted to my anal scent through my panties and pulls my ass to his nose and buries it deep pushing the fabric up my ass a bit...Oh pew! feels very sexy and I know I want this.
You pull my panties down a bit and eat my rear as my cock gets so hard, I turn to kiss you sweetly and you tell me " I need you Babe, you are so hott!!!" I need it just as bad and turn to go on all fours on the bed as you set up the camera to capture our doggy style anal sex. You pull my panties aside and put the tip of your penis to my rosebud as I think about this being the moment where there's no turning back if we actually have crossdresser sex. But you slipped it in and deep in no time as I only had time to realize it IS going to happen! Your cock feels so good in me as my legs spread fully for you to go deeper! I know the camera is getting great video of me being fucked in the ass as you pump your hard dick in me fully and I cry in pleasure "Oh God baby, feels so good, so fucking good!" It felt so good I didn't even realize to think if you have a condom on. You don't. Your sex in me feels so good I can only cry out "Oh God Daddy, shoot me with your love! Cum in me!" And this excites you to the fullest as u realize you are turning on a crossdresser so much that she actually wants you to cum in her unprotected and the camera captures you tensing and then actually pumping your cum inside me! Oh yes!!! I LOVE it!! Feeling your anal creampie all the way up my ass as far as my belly is so naughty and so hottt!!!

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