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Fetish Club With Shemales

The smell of rubber and latex and the combination of the strobe lighting was overpowering, the techno sound of the club just added to the already intoxicated atmosphere of the place. The club was a frenzy of half naked, latexed, rubberised bodies covered in sweat dancing to the frenzied sound of techno which was flooding and filling every square inch of the warehouse. So far the party was in full swing, if you got tired of dancing, you could go and watch one the many shows in different parts of the warehouse. There was bondage, sadomasochism, sex shows and orgies. Right now me and my wife were watching the orgy. The look of latexed tight bodies in various sexual positions was something of a change to the usual, but as I was to find out tonight was going to be far from usual.

For more elite club members there was a another part of the club that you could enter, It was very exclusive and I heard a few rumours of what happens on the other side of the guarded door at the end of the warehouse which led as far as I knew down to some kind of basement, but tonight that was going to change, my wife some how got hold of a couple of passes, and I had a funny feeling she wasn’t telling me every thing, but my curiosity was taking over me and I just wanted to see what was on the side of that fucking door.

Walking over, my wife leading the way she showed our passes to the bouncers guarding the door and on entering we descended the concrete steps and into the darkness below.

What we found at the end of the steps was a huge basement with several large rooms all leading into each other like some kind of labyrinth. It was one big orgy, each room with a different theme, voyeurism, lesbian, bi, sado, strapon, anything you could think off, but it was the last room that my wife was interested in. We entered this room and I immediately felt my dick beginning to stir in my pants.

The room was full of shemales and I mean stunning shemales some naked and some dressed in tight fitting latex suits, but all of them stunning.

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