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FEM FIRM: Character Intro & Part 1

Coxson & Dicster is a law firm made up of nothing but she males They are:

Debra Coxson- 37 Debra has been a lawyer for 12 years and started the firm
with her college roommate Angela Dicster 5 years ago. She's a leggy ash
blond with 38D tits a great ass and a 9 inch cock. She loves to fuck and
get fucked but her favorite thing is getting a blowjob.

Angela Dicster 36 Angela (as mentioned above) started the firm with Debra
5 years ago. She's a knockout brunette with a body women want and men want
to possess. She's a tall drink of water at 5' 11" with 40Ds Her cock is 8
inches but has a girth of about six. Few can take it without screaming
in pain.

Cynthia (DO NOT call her Cindy!) 26. Receptionist-model a statuesque
auburn haired beauty aloof to a fault but does her job well. NOBODY
outside of the firm knows she's really a man. Not even her modeling
agency. She is a very imposing 6'1"in her stocking feet (6'5" to an
astonishing 6'6" in heels!) with a wall of hair and 36Ds. Her equipment
rivals Debra's

Veronica,30 She's the office manager who not only runs the office but
must coordinate the after work Friday fuckfest. It's her job to make sure
all asses are fucked and all cocks are sucked,

She loves her job but is a bit insecure because she is not as physically
imposing as the other girls at 5' 7" she's the shortest girl in the office
Her tits and cock also bring up the rear at 34C and 6 inches respectively.
Debra often says the firm would fall apart without her.

Tabitha,29 is the office flake. She's a brilliant lawyer (she got the
biggest settlement in a case involving transgender discrimination in the
history of the State) but her behavior can be unpredictable to say the
least. A cute as a button redhead with a nape length pageboy, she
occasionally shows up at the office in strange outfits. So far, she's
shown up as a cheerleader, a nun, a police officer (in full uniform) and
as (GASP) a man! On that day she wore a man's business suit, talked all
day in her male voice and chain smoked. She insisted everyone call her
"Herb" for the whole day. Because of her legal skills she gets away with
it. She's 38D with 8."

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