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Fem Firm 4: Pop Secret

by: B-Man

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Rating: XXXAdd Review Added: 11/20/2016
Ruby learns a family secret which will change her life forever.

Categories:Bimbo Workplace Situations
Keywords:Long Finger Nails Very High Heels



As I knocked on the door of my parents' house, the nerves I had made me
feel like ants were crawling all over my body. I suppose I could have
walked right in since I used to live there but I didn't want to shock
them. After all, this was the first time they would ever see me as Ruby
and, since I hadn't told them ahead of time when they asked me to come
over, they were totally unprepared.

My clothing was as demure as could be. I'd worn a woman's business suit
in grey with a white blouse and stockings. Three inch black heels
completed my outfit. My make-up, also somewhat subdued, was perfect. I
brushed my hair back and took a deep breath as I heard my mother coming
to the door.

When it opened, what really surprised me was the fact that she wasn't

"Oh my goodness, dear, don't you look just lovely!" she exclaimed as
she escorted me into the foyer."Let me get a look at you! My oh my has
my little boy changed! I must say I approve!"

As I looked at her quizzically she called up the stairs, "Come down
dear, Ruby's home. Wait till you see how lovely she looks!"

I heard someone move around on the second floor and as they descended
the stairs I immediately realized that I was in for an even bigger
surprise than I ever could have envisioned.


Over the next three weeks, after my coming out as Ruby, life outside of
the office became an incredible, new experience for me. I had never
felt so alive in my life. I couldn't believe how happy I was. I'd been
freed of the "Burden of Ben," as Veronica had dubbed it and it was
nothing short of wonderful.

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