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Fantasy dream

So i had this dream and it gave me such a raging boner i felt i had to write it down.

Im at a party, everyone is wasted and having a great time. I had been dancing and flirting with some blonde chick who kept mentioning her friend and wondering where she had gone. Eventually we found her and went somewhere without a ton of people. As we were alone, the three of us start talking about sex and stuff. I had said how i usually get horny when im fucked up. The two girls giggled and asked if i was hard. I obviously was so they asked how big i was and i said do you just want to see it. They giggled again and said "yeah totally." They seemed pretty impressed, so they began to fondle my stiff erection. Having these two hot sluts on their knees in front of me was making me so horny. They sucked my cock so good, licking all over my hard shaft and sucking my balls too. At one point i couldnt take it and i just face fucked the brunette. I rammed my cox=ck deep in her throat. She swallowed me down pretty good then said "Mmmmm you like getting kinky, huh?" I moaned as they both sucked me. Then, the brunette stands up and presses into me, i play with her tits and rub her ass as the blonde is still blowing me. All of a sudden she reaches down into her pants... and pulls out a cock! Its almost as big as mine too. But the blonde starts sucking both of our cocks. Licking and sucking our two cocks in her mouth at the same time. I couldnt even believe what was happening but it was so hot. After this slutty blonde blew the both of us for what felt like the best 20 minutes ever, i needed to cum. Both girls got on their knees and i came over both of their faces. Shooting a huge load over both of them, they looked so sexy with jizz all over their faces. Then the brunette stands back up and cums all over the blonde. Now she had two massive loads all over her face. The two girls smiled at me ... then i woke up with my still raging boner. I jerked my cock as i wrote this and shot a big thick load to it as well.

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