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End of a great thing

So in an earlier story I told all of you about I guy I literally ran into when I was trying on lingerie and it turned into my first sexually with a man. So we had a great time for several months. One night he called me over and we had our usual sexual adventure. After we were done he told me that he was taking another job a couple of states away which of corse sucked. He told me that he wanted to have a wild sexual adventure before he left. He asked if I was into a group thing and I told that I have never done that before but was willing. He told me that he had a group of guys that he had been talking to that wanted to have a group session with me. All tops and me as a bottom. It sounded great. Most of them were white and a couple of them were black. I said that would be fine. He told me that he wanted to keep it as much of a surprise as possible. From the group. So he said that he would set up a "Poker night". He told me he would buy me a special outfit, new wig, heels and makeup. A few days went by and he called me and told me a date and time to show up. The day of the event I shaved completely and bought some new perfume. I showed up to his place an hour before the guys showed up. He had purchased a sexy skin tight black mini dress. He had gotten a fiery red wig and some sexy thigh high boots with 6" heels. Underneath I was wearing a black and garnet bra and thong. A matching set that he bought as we'll. after getting my makeup done I walked out and he was sitting on the sofa watching TV. I slowly walked around the corner and gave him a lap dance and did a striptease for him. He said I was the sexiest woman he had ever seen. It made me feel so good. Fast forwarding a bit. I stayed in the bedroom until. All the guys had showed up and had a beer or two. I heard he announce that he had a surprise for the evening and I heard him call me from down the hall. I. Did my best model walk all the way down the hall. I walked in the rom and all 5 of them whistled at me.

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