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Ejaculation of a person

When you want to fire up to a full reservoir, urgent flood, the whole mind only thought I need to be fuck, need to be ejaculation to ejaculation, need to be fuck orgasm.But that long time can not find, that root can put my When the entire rectory filled the eldest brother, I even thought of madness commute station during work hours, take off underwear, lifted skirts, shouting at passengers to kill me.
In order to avoid their own crazy, only to use the old drama code again, masturbation to vent.Use a huge root massage stick hard into the anal, slowly pumping inserted, and the other hand pinch the foreskin, kept in the Glans on the slide, so keep accelerating until the lower abdomen sour and twitch, semen venting unconsciously, his hands hanging weakly, the body limp on the ground like a dead snake, massage stick slowly slipped out of the anus, still keep Shocked.
Although this climax of masturbation lifted the pressure of high, but it is a feeling of helplessness, as if a person was hanging in the air by the root line, suddenly cut off that hanging line, although there is no longer hanging With uncomfortable pain, but immediately poured on it is constantly falling down, what can not catch.
Really want to have a man full of desire for fire, went into my bedroom, pushed me to bed, with his roots and rough big stuffed my rectum, rather than only a cold massage stick. , So I do not need my own hand to poke my penis, I can not help but bursts of ejaculation.I do not ejaculate after falling from the kind of feeling that he kept pumping and push me I will not be as crippled as a dead snake because I have his arm like a wrench tightening my body, my crazy cry, long ago, with thick lips and full snake head plug Living.
So I like a venting doll, completely play with him, there is no gap, can not be a moment to pull away.Some men, you want to be such a man walked into my room, I hope you come every day.

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