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Dress Up For The Girls Next Door Part 2

“Hot enough for you?” I looked up from the garage to see Lisa hanging her head out the window. She had a sexy turquoise halter on. Her tits bounced back and forth as she spoke.

“Now it’s real hot with you hanging out the window.” No bra, Lisa never wore a bra when it was this hot.

“I have a few cold beers in the fridge,” she cooed. “Why don’t you take a break sissy boy and wiggle your ass up the stairs for me and Karen.” I almost fell on my face running up the stairs.

It was hot out, did I tell you that already. We were in the middle of a heat wave at the Jersey Shore. Things had slowed down a bit, people were on vacation, just moving a bit slower in this weather. The shore had been packed the last 6 weeks. Record crowds and too much traffic, all the locals bitched from Memorial Day through Labor Day. But we all knew the bottom line was the money made from the “Bennies”. The Jersey Shore is a great place to live and play. Lots of money, lots of fun people. And the women, single, divorced, married, it didn’t matter. On the job, after hours, they were all horny.

The girls were sitting around the small conference table in the back office. I heard some Pink Floyd on the stereo. Seems like the workday was about to come to an end. Karen had the same color halter on. As a matter of fact, they both had identical shorts and sandals on. How cute and sexy! I helped myself to a cold Sam Adams and took a seat between the two beauties. Lisa had her feet resting on the edge of the table. I love her legs, her ass and those sandals just drove me fucking crazy. She winked at me.

“Hey sweetie pie, your working too hard.” She leaned her head back and took a swig. Her tits were ready to burst out of that tight top. Her eyes caught me staring.

“Listen sissy boy, we had so much fun with you last time, we were wondering…”

Karen spoke up, ”We want to play.” She said it with the sexiest voice, even Lisa turned towards her. We both smiled at her. Karen reached down behind her chair and produced a bag.

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