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Dissidia Final Fantasy

Floating in an ocean of azure blue and ivory white clouds, a single castle main castle levitates in the epicenter of the area in front of the three travelers, while a smaller castle hovered adjacent to it. Traveling on a beam of concentrated magic that connected their previous world with this one, the three walked on, desensitized to travel by such strange and ethereal means. Exhaustion and hunger showed on the three warriors bodies; they were in need of some desperate rest.

Prishe, a tawny, violet-haired Elvaan, walked at the forefront of the group. She removed what little was left of her previous costume, the damaged clothing a testament of her recent fight with the Chaos Warrior Garland. Of course, the damage she’d done to him had been far worse. Her stomach groaned suddenly, begging for something to eat. “Yeah, yeah, I know,” she mumbled, rubbing her angry tummy. Turning out the many pockets of what remained of the short skirt, Prishe finally found what she was looking for. Discarding the shredded garment over the edge into the emptiness of the void underneath her feet, she examined the piece of fruit thoroughly. Mildly squashed, but it still looked fine enough. Without further thought, she opened her mouth and took a big bite of it. She turned around and held her hand out-stretched. Mumbling through a mouthful, Prishe offered the rest to her two comrades: Terra and Zidane.

Upon seeing that they were “occupied” with other things, though, she rolled her eyes and devoured the rest herself. After finishing the fruit, she rushed ahead then to the grassy part of the landing that the castle was nestled on, relieved to have her feet on the soft grass. She smoothed her black thigh-length leggings down, adjusted her top, and then made to remove her boots to feel the grass with her bare feet. “Heyyyy Zidaaaaaaaaane…….” Prishe sang, her melodic voice sailing through the air. She bent low to unclasp the boots, letting a hint of her cleavage peek out. Her jealousy was getting the better of her judgment; she didn’t quite care for all the attention the blonde boy was giving the other girl.

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