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Different 3some in Acapulco

My job in a large travel agency takes me every march to Acapulco for the Tianguis Turistico, (Mexico tourist fair) that takes place in this nice resort.

I very much enjoy those trips, and especially the pole dancing bars, were I would hang out at least 2 or 3 times during my stay. Those places are so different to what you find in the USA that it's most enjoyable to spend time there.

The pole dancing bars in Acapulco, and most parts of Mexico from what I have heard are very easy going. The girls are nice looking Latinas, in some upper joins you might find Europeans or north-Americans, but I enjoy the company of those small Latinas, with a round butt and perky tits. I will generally ask for a booth in the back of the place, and not a stool at the dancing bar. And then I take my time checking out the girls, which will make rounds in the place, when it is not their turn at the pole.

Those places are all nude dancing, with wide open legs to show pussy and ass, and exotic poses on the dance floor. Some of them have even lesbian shows and couples shows.

So I am usually at the back, and when I see a girl I like I tell the waiter to bring her along so I can buy her a drink. It cost about $10 (US) to buy the girl a drink, but while she is there sitting with you can actually fondle her quite heavily, and she will also grab your dick and some of them even start holding me under my shorts. I always make sure to wear loose fitting shorts and no underwear. Of course the girls will try to convince you to a lap dance of even a private dance. Those private dances are made in a small room at the back, and last for around 5 songs. They will get completely naked, and I have had some girls masturbate me; blow me and even once one that mounted me in the "privado", all of this for around $50 US plus a tip if you want to.

My last trip, back in 2010 was as usual a couple of nights at the club, and I decided to stay an extra day to check some other clubs apart from the 2 that I usually frequented.

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