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Desire women

I met with men
she had no men
I had to go a long way to her ...
As a child, a very strong impression on me has made,
lesbian scene in a porno movie, (then I do not know why)
Two luxurious woman in underwear sitting on a bed in a hotel room
kissing, caressing each other ..
the fact that a woman can hug a woman -
seemed so beautiful, so inaccessible
It was sweet and sickly feeling ..
I liked men, liked being with them
I felt very naturally and freely
but I never dreamed about them.
.. Road was over, we went to her house
I locked myself in the bathroom.
It is very exciting to become a woman in a strange place and dont know what will happen next ..
I was so worried that I had to makeup several times to redo
I wanted to be very beautiful ..
Finally everything was ready
with a sinking heart, I snapped the lock and came out of the bathroom ...
she was lower, she was wearing a beautiful blue dress stockings and blue shoes
We sat in the kitchen drinking champagne
Curly brown hair falling in her face, so young, so open and beautiful ..
she shiny little bit frightened eyes, her pink lips touch the glass and leaving imprint
I want kiss them !!
I'll kiss she !!
I leaned over to her and our lips met, our tongues entwined
and desire flared in her eyes!
This was my first lesbian kiss
then I got up and she pulled off my panties
her face was under my skirt
I felt her lips, slowly and gently ..
her hot tongue !!
She probably dreamed about it
I also!! she caresses me under her skirt ...
I was dizzy from the champagne, from her kisses, from the lesbian scene in unfamiliar kitchen ...
Then we went into the bedroom and I made her female
I worried, if I can? And how will it be?
it was easy and natural, the first time I was on the other side,
In a small mirror that I put in front of bed I saw the blonde and brunette , they were woven in the ecstasy of love ..
the most beautiful I've ever seen
I remembered a lesbian scene from my childhood, I now understand why it so spectacular …

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