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Desi gets fucked

We get back from our trip to Washington and it was a ton of fun. We have still been looking for a third to join us but have not had any luck. Nevertheless we still find a lot of fun things to do in the meantime. In an effort to have some more fun and keep things interesting I give you a pair of panties that are special.
"Put these on." I say as I hand them to you.
You look at them and then at me with a little bit of a puzzled look on your face.
"Just trust me." I say.
You take them and go put them on. When you come back out, I am sitting in the couch in my underwear and I have a couple drinks made and sitting on the table. You come out fully dressed and stop when you see me sitting there.
"Get those clothes off and come have a seat baby." I say as I pat the couch next to me.
You slowly slip off your shirt and drop it on the floor. You undo your pants and slowly slide them down as you bend over and stick your ass out towards me. I smile when I see what makes the panties special. You slide your pants off and walk over towards me popping your hips as you walk. You sit next to me and I hand you your drink. We clink our glasses and take a sip.
"Any luck finding another guy to join us?" I ask.
"Not yet." you say. "They all just seem weird and I'm not really interested in any of them who want to join us."
"We will find someone." I say as I take a sip.
"I hope so." you say as you set you glass down.
"We can have fun just the two of us in the meantime." I say as I set my glass down.
"Mmmmmmmm, what do you have in mind?" you ask.
I just smile and say "You will see."
"I can't wait." you reply as you lean in close.
I lean in as well and kiss you. We start making out sitting there on the couch. I reach over with my left hand and start rubbing your breast as we kiss. Your tongue is amazing and we are really going at it. Your nipple starts to get hard and I start playing with it.

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