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Danni Loves Tommy

Tommy was sitting in the bar for at least an hour when she finally arrived, she sat down next to him kissed his cheek, patted his leg and offered him her hand. He looked away as if someone had offended him and he was trying to avoid hitting them his veins popping out of his neck. She nuzzled up against him, rubbing his forearm with her fingertips gently, she leaned in to whisper in his ear three simple words he always loved to hear, “I want cock.”

“Danni don’t tease me you know I hate when you act like that.” He said without even looking back at her. His heart wasn’t in it when he knew she wouldn’t go through with it after all it had been nine months of dating and nothing more than dry humping on the couch in his apartment leaving him feeling rubbed raw and unfulfilled.

She held up a tear there was so much he needed to know and it was so hard to tell him everything. She had tried so many times but it never felt the right time to say everything, to share all her secrets with the man she has come to love so much it hurts. Each secret ate at her heart with the venom of a reptile intent on killing her soul.

Tommy knew something was wrong but everytime he asked her she just said the same thing in response, “Nothing is wrong I swear.” He knew she was lying but he didn’t keep pressing after all he loved her anyway if only she trusted him enough to tell him everything.

Danni had made up her mind tonight was the night they not only went all the way but she was going to tell him the most important secret she had been keeping from him. As the night wore on she kept nibbling, rubbing and teasing Tommy till she could clearly see he was ready to burst, this was what she had hoped would happen but honestly she knew it would work. Only this time instead of making out, dry humping and oral pleasuring Tommy she was going all the way starting with the usual.

Before long they were in the bathroom with the door locked she was on her knees deepthroating his seven inches of manhood down the back of her throat. He began to moan and pulled out stopping her from getting his love juices down the back of her throat, “tonight you get that somewhere else baby.” He said as he bent her over the sink and began to slide down her white silk-laced panties.

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