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Dani & Paulie - 2

Devon, it turned out, was a complete gentleman. The accent i couldn’t place was a hybred of south London in the UK and the Caribbean. He’d been in the states for a few years after being spotted as a student, modelling for some extra cash. He’d greeted me on the veranda like an old friend, a hug and kiss on each cheek. His arm around my waist, he’d led me to the golf buggy to take me up to the house. He claimed he remembered me from the skin flick we’d done months ago, I didn’t believe him but then he rattled off details about what Paulie and I were wearing, had done, and my reaction during his scene with Paulie. The buggy was small and we were pressed together, his hot skin touching at the thigh and shoulder. I couldn’t help glancing down at the slumbering beast in those speedos every now and then.

Devon told me there were only a few of the other staff there so far and there wasnt much to do at the moment. Chilling out by the pool and avoiding drinking too much seemed to be the only things he’d done so far. The house was magnificent, gothic looking but newly built. Endless rooms and corridors, but there was a logic to it all, you could find your way round by the colors of the corridors and the rooms were numbered.

I was settled by the pool on a sun lounger when Devon hauled his devine physique from the pool and padded over to sit next to me. Now those speedos really were see through and he caught me staring. “It’s a bit of a poisoned chalice you know.” He said towelling himself off. “Sorry?” I asked confused. “This.” His eyes dropped to his crotch. I giggled and managed to cover my embarrassment somehow. “As a gay man it proves challenging, people are always excited by it, but when it comes down to it, often I’m left frustrated.” He seemed totally at ease talking about it. “Paulie, managed but she was in a bit of pain after.” I admitted, but then felt bad as he looked almost ashamed. I verged on blurting out the thing that was exciting and worrying me but chickened out at the last moment. Instead he pointed out the other staff, and provided the little background he knew of each.

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