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Dana becomes a woman

All her life, Dana had felt different. Born a boy, she always preferred dressing in girl clothes and playing girl games. She was mistaken for a girl from the time she was toddling - her feminine face and manner always convinced people. By the time she
graduated high school, Dana discovered her main sexual interests were in straight men. She didn't care for gay men, and acted as a lesbian when she was with women sexually. She had no interest in taking the male part and thrusting
her cock inside of them. Then, when Dana was 22, she discovered what could have been a dangerous pasttime. She dressed up as a woman and picked up straight men. Her elegant long legs, tiny waist, heart shaped face and rounded butt convinced many a man to take her home with him. She had given over 100 straight unsuspecting males blowjobs while fending them away
from her crotch. She drank over 100 loads of cum while her own cock was craving release - she would run home and masturbate afterward.

And when she realized how fully she could look like what she felt, a female, her whole lifestyle changed. She quit her job and spent a couple months off work. Dana grew her hair, bought a whole new wardrobe and took to life as a woman.
She had the most fun choosing the frilly and lacy lingerie to compliment her female appearance. Wearing a satin bra and panties always made her feel sub-missive and feminine and horny.

Dana's old apartment had been almost, but not quite, feminine. There was always the family member or coworker to impress that Dana was a sort of normal man. Now she wanted to be a normal woman. She got a beautiful 4 poster bed with a canopy, and got a matching apricot colored comforter and sheet set. Her apartment had more art, more light and color. She felt as if she really belonged there.

Then she went out to see if her new femininity would attract some fun. She went to a part of Hollywood known for shemales - no sense in attracting trouble when things were going so well! And within 20 minutes, Glen had come over

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