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Daddys Bride-to-be

Daddy rings my doorbell. I was waiting impatiently for him, dressed is a special I promise daddy to marry his cock.

I am dressed in a silky white wedding dress. Very short and tight, with shiny beads and pearls, along with a veil covering my face, and long white silky gloves. Daddy will also notice my silky white stockings and shiny silver shoes…I hope it excites him, I hope I make him proud to be taking me tonight.

Today is the day. I lose my virginity to daddy’s big hard cock.

I let you in, grab your hand, and pull you to the living room. All over the carpet, in the middle of the room, rose petals of red, pink and white have been dropped. Red candles releasing vapours of cinnamon and cranberry thicken the lust in the air….this is a love nest, and daddy will take me here. Daddy will take me now. The nervousness climbs as we reach the center of the room.

I turn around, and face you. Carefully, you run your hand over the dress and pet my bum.

“You are driving me crazy in this hot dress, baby…” whispers daddy.

“Daddy looks very nice in his suit” I reply, looking down, trying to negotiate the shyness adding to my nervousness.....”…it's making me hot daddy…” I look back up, into his eyes, and begin the ceremony…

I grab both of daddy’s hands, and look daddy straight in the eye, and say the following:

I promise
To love daddy's cock
To worship it
To please and to serve it
I promise
To surrender my asspussy
To let him take me
And to hold his semen inside me

Daddy lifts my veil, and begins to kiss me, so softly. So sweetly. The boiling nervousness turns into a melting lust as I pull him close to have more of that kiss. You bring your hands down to my booty, and start clutching the dress. I feel the dress rising, as we release our heavenly kiss. It rises above my lil sissy cock, covered in a lace butterfly thong...rising above my waist....above my breasts, and over my head. I am revealed to daddy now.

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