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Daddy Girlyboy

I was alone in the house so I was indulging in my fantasy of dressing up as a girl. I had my long hair all straightened, full make up and my skimpy sheer black thong on with black stockings and suspenders with a tight lycra dress which showed off my very girlish figure. This was finished off with a pair of killer heels which complemented my shapely, smooth legs. Dad wasn't due in for a while yet and mom was away on business. I put some music on and was enjoying being the real me for a while.

I was dancing to my music and looking at myself in the mirror when dad came bursting through the door "have you seen my razor......" he had a towel round his waist and then just stopped dead with his mouth agape, speechless.

Dad had obviously come home early and jumped in the shower and I hadn't heard him because of my music.

I whirled round in shock my heart racing and just stared at dad, also speechless, for what seemed an age.

"Hi Dad" I mumbled, embarrassed.

"Hi" he choked out and then after a pause "you look..., I mean you look gorgeous"

I looked at dad and we were both dying of embarrassment. I flapped my arms in the air in a resigned gesture of being caught and said well I might as well give you a twirl.

I slowly spun round wiggling my ass like I had practiced many times in front of the mirror.

Dad nodded slowly and then I couldn't believe what I saw the towel round my dads waist was slowly being pushed out by something growing and growing very big.

I simply stared at this growing tent in his towel which caused my own cock to grow knowing that he found me attractive. My tight dress didn't help hide this fact and within seconds the clear outline of a huge, hard cock pointing up against my stomach was visible in my tight lycra dress stretching the fabric so that it was almost see through.

While dad was staring at this his towel could take no more and it fell to the ground exposing his raging hard on standing straight out looking amazing with its thick shaft and huge, shiny head.

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