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Daddy and his wicked ways

My name is Miss ________________ (You fill in the blanks). I am a TV/TS/CD who likes to be used in a sexual context by manly men. This tale is about me and my desire to be used over and over again. In a way I'm a little reluctant to share my fantasies with the great British public because they're partly based on real events from my life and the fantasy says something about me that I probably wouldn't want the male population to know. However knowing this wont go any further I am prepared to reveal my innermost thoughts and to lay bare one of my most sordid fantasies.

As I said, this story is partly based on reality. I used to go out to bars and hang around trying to pick up men. I am not ashamed of this in the slightest. I met some really wonderful people, some very gifted lovers and had a serious amount of sheer pleasure indulging my wicked alter ego.

One of the people I met was Daddy. He was, perhaps, not as wonderful as many others but he was a regular John and oh so gifted at switching on my buttons. Every Friday night he would call and I would drop absolutely everything, my stomach churning, my head spinning at the thought of what I would soon be doing. It rarely changed with Daddy, he always wanted the same thing from me and I knew exactly what to do when getting ready for him. I had to wear my black basque, a black thong, hold-up seamed black stockings and my 4" black heels with the ankle straps - and that was it!

Of course, I would wear a coat over it all to make the journey to Daddy's home. The walk to the car and the drive to Daddy's were always so exciting, knowing that all I had between me and the world was a black woollen coat. When I arrived at Daddy's I had to park the car at least 50 yards from his house and walk the rest of the way. The instructions were that I could keep the coat on but I had to undo it so that when I walked it could fall open and expose my lingerie clad body to anyone who happened to look at me.

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