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Сd Shazza my life as a crossdresser (chapter 2 of many)

Hi everyone I hope you read chapter 1 because you will understand chapter 2 a lot better this is a true story which some of you might be able to relate to.
I was a little confused with my little episode with Fred I wasn’t sure what I wanted I had wanked another man’s cock and I had let him cum over me was I becoming gay even though I had a girlfriend, Just thinking about it was making me horny I would have to talk to Fred but I felt sort of embarrassed I needed to collect my undies he was washing for me, I often used to pop in to see him to ask when my next driving lesson was or when we were going fishing again so I went round his car was on the drive so he was in , as I walked up to the door my cock was getting hard and I sure as hell didn’t know why I kept thinking what the fuck am I doing but I knocked he opened the door ,he said he was glad to see me and he wasn’t sure whether he would see me so soon we went in to the kitchen and I explained how I was feeling I didn’t tell him I had a huge hard on, he asked if I could stay for a while I said yes my mum was out and my girlfriend was on holiday with her parents, he told me he had washed my undies and put them in his wife’s room he said he hadn’t cleared it out since she died so we went to collect them, when he opened the door my undies were laying on the bed he said that if I wanted somewhere to dress I could use Ruby’s room I could be on my own or he would love to join me if I wanted him to, I didn’t even think about I just said that I would like it if he joined me and once again I had said something and I didn’t know why I had said it ,he then said he was going for a bath and what he said next was to confirm my crossdressing for the rest of my life he told me to have a look through the cupboards an drawers there would be lots of underwear and clothes that he thought would fit me and off he went , I was like a kid in a sweet shop only I had a rock hard cock as I opened the first drawer I had butterflies in my stomach

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