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Crossing lines

It had always been a fantasy of mine.
I have very feminine features and long natural straight brown hair. Which recently I had shortened to chin length.
I have been dressing in womens clothing now for many months and had decided that this was the night in which I get made up totally and head out into public. My first night as a woman if you will.
It took me a while to get ready because I wanted my look to be perfect. I felt so good after taking a long hot bath and shaving everything I needed to. I chose my favorite black lace hipsters with the matching garter belt. My stockings were new, silk and black with lace trim. They felt so damned good against my freshly shaved legs and trimmed pubes. I finished the ensemble off with a black lace bra I had just bought because it matched the panties, garter and hose.
My make up turned out wonderfully with mascara accentuating my long lashes and earth tone eye shadow highlighting my coffee brown eyes and of coarse ruby red lipstick making my lips look full and juicy. My skirt came just below the knee and was a deep red colour made more red by the black stockings and hugged my little ass nicely. I put on a silk top that was two tones of blue and it was tight enough you could see the bra outline underneath. The neck line was modest but if I bent the right way you saw the lacey bra. My outfit was completed when I put on high heeled black leather shoes that had brass buckles up the sides and made my ass look hot. A small hand bag was all I needed to hold money and house keys. A dab of a nice flowery perfume and I was in character.
The cab dropped me in front of a local bar where I was sure I could be seen but not by anyone I knew. I swear the whole ride the cabby stared at my legs.
So far so good.
I went in and sat at a table and ordered a white wine and watched the people float around the bar. As I finished my first glass the waitress brought over another and said it was from the man at the bar in the grey suit.

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