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Crossdressing fun

I always love to crossdress when Im horny I love the feeling of being a woman and seducing a man. Older men have always attracted me here is my fantasy. I dress up one day with a red thong red bra black nylons short skirt and blouse and get online. I find a man who likes me and is ready to play. I come over to his house we start kissing touching and getting hot and heavy suddenly the wife pulls in I hide downstairs in a room only he can get into but little do I know his older guy friend is there watching the game.He asks me who I am I introduce myself and sit down. Hes a bit drunk he first puts his hand on my leg starts to rub his fingers up and down I resist a bit but give in. We start kissing and touching he grabs my penius hes surprised but doesnt mind he starts to unbotton my blouse I get hot and heavy and he asks me if I have ever been with a man I say no. once im down to my lingerie I start to dance on his lap moving my hips in a circular motion he gets hard right away.I pull his boxers down and start to suck nice and slow rubbing his cock and balls giving him great pleasure. Once hes ready he pulls me up and pulls my thong to the side.he sticks it in nice and slow I moan in pain and pleasure and he tells me yes baby yes.he starts to fuck me nice and good not to hard and not to slow . we kiss passionately as he fucks me i feel like a true woman when he cums he helps me cum too we get dressed he gives me his number and says call me...

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