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Crossdress fuck

One day while at university I went to the toilet. There was some one in the next cubicle. I could see a shadow under the partition. It was moving back and fort very fast. Was he wanking? I started to feel horny thinking about it. As a cross-dresser i was wearing a satin night-dress under my clothes. I decided to get brave. I stood on the toilet and looked over the thin wall. Oh god ya, he was masturbating hard. I pleasured my self as I witness something new & exiting. Then I let out an unexpected moan. He quickly turned to his left to find me staring at his dick. I jumped off the toilet, tucked my night dress in to my jeans. I open the door hoping to make a quick escape. As I was about to leave I was pulled in the opposite direction. “Not so fast” . Before I new it was back in the cubicle. He pulled down his pants and forced me down on my knees. I went for it. Sucking his already lubicated dick. It felt so dirty it made me so horny. I continued sucking for five minutes. At this stage I thought why not go all the way.

I stood up, took my top off to reveal my white night dress. His eyes lit up. I then took off my pants. He nearly went wild as got his first look as my white satin panties and matching stocking. All he could say was “ oh god!!!”

I turned around, put my hands against the door and said “fuck me”. He quickly pulled my panties down and with great force stuck his 7 inch dick in my ass. No condom.
I screamed out loud. He hesitated. I said “ Keep going , oh yea that’s it” At this point we were making a hell of a racket. The door which I was holding for leverage was nearly coming off its hinges. Then somebody entered the bathroom. Instantly our noise level decreased. But he continued to fuck me good

Then a crowd of people arrived in. One entered the cubicle next to us and rest just chatted. I felt it was best to change positions. He sat on the toilet. I pulled up my panties( I prefer to wear them).

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