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You lay face down on the bed and her hands knowingly massage your body sending warm tingling feelings up and down your spine. Her hands soon also begin to massage your bottom. First one bun and then the other receives deep strokes that both relax and stimulate you at the same time. You begin to feel an uncomfortable bulge rise up under you as your manhood reacts to the pleasure.

Then, she roughly pushes your legs apart to expose your naked bottom even more fully. You gasp for air and the anticipation is almost unbearable. Her fingers begin to explore your most secret parts as they slide up, down, around and in and out of your now fully lubricated hole. She then firmly raises you up on your knees to fully expose your hole while your face buried in the pillows. Your are totally vulnerable to her desires now. You are excited, aroused, humiliated and embarrassed but also dying for more touches and penetration.

You shiver with anticipation as she applies cold lube to your throbbing hole. You feel the head of a toy pressed against the entrance to your hole and you almost faint from pleasure. The toy is gently, but firmly, worked around the outside of, and then finally after an unbearable wait, inserted into your quivering bottom. You begin to move in time with her thrusts as the toy pistons in and out of you. You are in heaven.

Suddenly, the toy is abruptly withdrawn leaving you feeling empty and wanting but only for a moment as you feel her fingers, (one, two and then three) begin to explore and stretch your hole further for what is yet to come. You hear the condom package being ripped open and you brace yourself for what you know comes next.

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