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CJ anticipated the call to get her instructions for her meet with Daddy. She was to report in every other day. Failure to do so would result in consequences he assured her she did not want to experience. She had seen his demanding approach and knew he meant business. But she worried about what kind of demands he would place on her.
She didn't know that part of the deal was she had to check in every other day. It oft times wasn't easy and others were around that took much of her focus but CJ knew she had to. She didn't know the consequences but she knew they would not be good.

CJ had met with other men before and it was always a dissappointment for her. "Pay for the fucking room bitch." "We will meet at your house, bitch." "Be here on Wednesday night...pick me up and we will do this in your car." Always something and never a care for her. It was always about them. Daddy somehow seemed different. All CJ wanted was a TAKE CHARGE DADDY who would arrange things and then deliver! All CJ wanted was a MAN to take her, control her, use her. Simple. A MAN WITH A PLAN WHO EXECUTES IT! What is so hard about that and yet, growing older she saw life passing her by and she still didn't feel fulfilled. But, somehow, Daddy seemed to grab her. She scoped out his pictures on his profile and found him appealing. Animal attraction! Forced to go to him.

"Bitch, you will call me every other day. I will tell you what you are to do, when to do it, how to do it, and failure to comply will result in consequences you DON'T want to experience. First, you will give me information on where you live, you address, phone number, who you live with, what they are like, in detail, and my crew will check it out. You lie and again, consequences, BITCH! CONSEQUENCES! Now do you understand me? Every other day!"
Fear gripped CJ. What was she getting into? Her personal information? She knew if someone had that, they had her..they owned her...but she couldn't risk losing time with Daddy. Fulfilling her fantasy!
"BITCH...I am talking to you! What the fuck is the hesitation? I don't like that!"
"Yes Daddy. Sorry..."

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