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Christina and Paul

Christina moaned quietly as her partner Samantha slid the vibrator slowly in and out of her. She was fully dressed and bending over a chair with her skirt up and knickers round her knees. It was eight o'clock and she was waiting for her new boyfriend to pick her up to go out for a drink.

This was to be her first date with Paul a transvestite admirer she had met in a car park while struggling to get some shopping in her car. He was waiting for her to move so he could get into the next car. Christina dropped a bag and a new pair of black knickers and bra she had just bought fell out onto the floor. She flushed red as Paul picked them up and handed them to her, smiling as he said how nice they were.

Christina looked Paul up and down quickly and realized he wasn't just a pervert but was in fact tall, well built and good looking. She thanked him and put the rest of her shopping in the car, bending deliberately so he got a good view of her bum and the top of her pink lace thong in her tight bootleg trousers. Paul realizing he was being teased and noticing her wedding ring and an unlady like bulge asked whether her husband knew she showed her knickers to strange men.
They both laughed then smiled as Paul’s hand gently touched her bulge. Christina gave him her mobile number to arrange a night out soon.

Needless to say Christina was wearing the black bra and knickers from the car park along with stockings, a short black sheer skirt and a black slightly see through tight top for her night out with Paul. She quickly adjusted everything as the car pulled up outside, put her coat on, picked up her handbag, kissed Samantha and left. She felt the wetness in her knickers as she walked to the car smiling as she got in. Paul said you look good as he leaned over to kiss her on her shiny red lips.

Christina enjoyed the nervous conversation of her first date and felt fantastic, as they both looked each other up and down. Paul thought that there was a very good chance he would have her knickers down later as he noticed the suspender clips bulging under her skirt. Christina noticing his muscular thighs and good size bulge in his trousers was also hoping her new knickers would be christened later.

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