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There's this street in the heart of town where I live that's looming with shemales at night. Sometimes my friends and I would just drive through, just to have a look at them, and boy are they ever hot! Some of them are better looking that the average woman! Anyway, one day I gathered the courage to go to this street, just to feel what it's like'experience' a shemale. Actually, I had been
planning this for months.

So this one night, I took a cab to this street (didn't want to take my car and park it there - might get spotted), and was walking around checking them up close. I have to admit, I was both nervous and excited at the same time. Anyhow, there was this particullar section of the street where the shemales were really hot, so I went there, and there were 3 of them in front of this motel, talking to passer-bys in their cars. One of them got picked up, and there were now 2 left. There were no more cars, so I walked over to them, and boy were they beautiful (if you didn't know, you'd never know they were shemales)!

Eventually, I picked one (won't tell you how much she charged), and we went up to a room in that tiny motel. I was walking behind her as she led me to a room. She was asian, about 5'9" (with heels), shoulder length hair, and a slim, curvaceous body! Wow! I really couldn't believe that I was about to do this! Her name was Christina, by the way, and the deal was simply "a blowjob". Anyhow we got into the room, she locked the door, and started to undress me. She was smiling as she did this, and boy did she smell good! Eventually she took everything off me, and I was naked, my rod sticking out like a soar thumb. Then she asked if I had a condom, I told her yes and she was nice enough to put it on for me (I was just dumbfounded throughout this whole ordeal).

Then she knelt down, and started sucking me, and God did it feel awesome! My knees were ready to give way when she stopped, and started to her undress herself. She was wearing a white baby tee, showing her amazingly toned midsection, and black jeans. First off

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