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Chinese Apple Turnover

I crashed harder than anytime ever in my life and my dreams were fucking vivid.

I dreamt of being fucked. And of sucking huge cock and getting face fucked so hard that I was cock drunk and high from holding my breath so much. But so really horny from him doing that, so into that cock.

Of Jax fucking me so hard that it is still in my head.

In me.

I hurt.

My ass hurts, the ring, deep inside sort of throbs and feels used. And my hips hurt and other places feel bruised from his fingers gripping me.

And my jaw hurts, it's really sore. My lips feel puffy from the friction but not in a bad way.

Honestly everything hurts as well like I had the hardest workout session and I'm in recovery mode.

And hungover.

And it's not that much of a bad thing.

Because Jax is spooning me with his big massive arm draped over my side and he's snuggled right next to me.

Which is surreal feeling him being there, like this after the wild hard fucking he gave me.

But it's nice too.

I close my eyes and just try to get my bearings or footing in my head.

Me in bed with a guy.

An if I'm honest really hot guy.

With a huge cock.

That fucked me hard, like hardcore porn hard.

And I liked it?

Well I'm certainly feeling the after effects.

The most is this feeling of my insides.

Fucked, fucked, used touched, stretched and made to do things I never thought of.

I lay there just feeling the whole situation.

Is this a bad place to be?

I mean I was lit and so much went down last night that was not fucking normal.

I could probably bail and it would be just a fucked up night.

But he feels good here where he's at and warn, heavy in this good way too. Like solid.

And laughingly his bed is better than mine.

Seriously nice sheets, really high end mattress.

I even doze off again.


"Mmm...Jax..?" He's stroking my hard cock because the viagra I took is still working.

That's what woke me.

Jax is hard too I feel his eight inch monster throbbing between my asscheeks.

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