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Cheating Partner

Have you ever imagined what it would feel like if you found your partner in bed with another person? Well I did, it happened to me not that long ago. I got home from work later then usual. I parked the car in the driveway as always and opened the front door of my typical urban house. I called out for my wife but to no avail. I had a quick look downstairs and found nothing so naturally I decide to look upstairs and that’s when I heard the moan. It was a low moan so low I dismissed it as part of my imagination. I slowly walked up the stairs when suddenly I froze in my tracks, I heard yet another moan, louder this time and longer. Gripping the handrail until my knuckles were white I proceeded onwards. With each step I took the noises coming from my bedroom where getting louder and louder. On reaching the top of the stairs my legs felt like jelly and I wanted to run away but I found myself tip toeing towards the bedroom door and I slowly pushed it open as it was already ajar and the scene that was presented before me quite literally made my jaw hit the ground.

There was a woman laying down on the edge of bed face up and my wife was standing at the foot of the bed holding her legs up with both hands and fucking her with a strapon. This was the last thing I could imagine. My wife a lesbian, impossible, but there she was strapon and all. Even the other woman had a strapon, infact it was a very realistic one, and that as the saying goes, the penny dropped. This was no ordinary woman this was a shemale with a very erect cock who was being fucked by my wife on my bed. Well by now my jaw (metaphorically speaking of course) had crashed through the floor and was now dangling somewhere in the downstairs living room.

I must have stood there for at least 5 minutes when my wife suddenly noticed me. Smiling she asked if I wanted to join in on the fun, but I just stood there wordless, she repeated the question and I managed to mumble some sort of a reply, seeing that I was in some state of shock, she came over to me and slowly undressed me. By now the shemale was sitting on the edge of the bed and only now I could truly appraise her body. She was tall with a slim waist, long slender legs, nice firm round breasts and long brown hair which covered the side of her beautiful face she was naked except for a pair of black stockings which really set her legs off.

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