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Chatroom trick

I couldn’t believe I was doing this, as I stood by her front door I struggle to find breath on a surprisingly clear day. It had started some months ago, and internet chatroom, boy those things can be dangerous. I had spoke to Mary almost every night, soon chats turned to sex then to fantasies. The difference was she only lived in the next town so when she asked to meet I jumped at the idea, she was so sexy in her pictures. Admittedly Mary was 41 and I was 26, but still. She stood at 5ft10, long straight red hair, a body most twenty one year old girls would be jealous of. Stunning was the word.

Mary had decided it was time to meet, and her place would be best. We had done all the talking that there was to be done, in her words this would be ‘playtime’.

I knocked on the door and within no time Mary opened up, I don’t know what I was expecting but because we had talked so much about bondage I expected her to be in a latex outfit, but she was in a business suit, still smart and sexy, just not that I expected. She welcomed me in, looked around outside then closed the door. Then putting me on edge she locked it, removed the key and placed it on a shelf.

“Don’t want to be interrupted do we?” she asked. “No Mary” I stammered, slightly in awe and embarrassment. “Mistress!” she pointed out was what we agreed.

She walked down the hallway chatting about something or other, I didn’t know I watched her peach like ass moving. Then she turned to face me, grabbed the sides of my face and started kissing. It took no time for her tongue to part my lips and start searching me. It felt so good, goose pimples worked up my back, and my cock started to harden in my jeans. Then she stopped.

“Upstairs, first door on the left, get changed into what’s on the bed, understand slave?” She had spoken like this in the chatroom but her voice made it a little frightening. “Well?, get a move on” she said smacking my ass.

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