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Charlotte has surprise for Marc

This is a story about a guy named Marc. Marc was a guy who always kept to himself. He was very athletic, and very well built. He loved watching films, playing video games, and recently being on his computer. Marc did this, because he felt that he could be himself around people who didn't see him for his body.

Lately, he had been talking to a woman called "Moretolove" on a dating site. He learned her name was Charlotte, but everyone called her Charlie. He found it weird, but the name suited her for some reason. The only thing was, she lived 5 states away.

Charlotte was always the one that could say something to make Marc laugh. In fact, he almost spent most of his times, in his home talking to Charlotte. He would turn his friends down for parties, going to the movies all for her.

Then on one fateful day, Charlotte had bought a webcam. Marc already had one. He thought it would be fun to see the woman behind the messages. When he saw her, he was not disappointed. She was beautiful, he saw her lovely dark eye shadow, her ruby red lipstick, and her long dark raven hair. Charlotte would blush as Marc continued to look at her. his was no longer just a friendship, it was turning into something more.

Marc decided to offer Charlotte a chance for them to meet. He offered to pay for her plane ticket. However, Charlotte declined. She had insisted that she would drive up to his place. She did not want him to pay money for her. He respected that, and they set a date for the next week.

On Saturday, Marc was so nervous. He cleaned up the house, and was cooking a nice healthy dinner for him and Charlotte. Suddenly, it was Seven o'clock. Not a second later, he heard the chime of his doorbell. Quickly looking in the mirror he made sure he looked perfect. He was wearing a short sleeve shirt, that showed off his muscles and some loose jeans. He opened the door, and saw Charlotte. She was wearing a lovely red dress, and a smile that could light up a city. Marc offered her to come in.

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