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CD new sex friend

Tyrone is a tall skinny black guy 22 years old and his Mel is short and pudgy.

I am an older white sissy. I wear female clothing under my regular clothes all the time.

Saturday morning I went to the small house they rent and brought an overnight bag. Tyrone opened the door and I walked in. I sat down and we talked about him being single and his roommate and then his job.

I had brought a small bottle of whiskey and took it out of my bag. Get us a couple of short glasses and this will get us in the mood. Tyrone told me he was always in the mood as he got up and went into the kitchen. He came back with a glass of water and two small glasses.

Tyrone lit a joint and puffed on it for a few minutes then handed it to me.

In fifteen minutes I'll be pretty trashed I told him. A few quick tokes and I gave it back to him. I told him I was going to get really fucked up and he smiled. I got a buzz off the weed right away.

My head began to spin right away.

He sat there puffing on the joint and stared at me.

I slid to the edge of the couch and pulled my sneakers off then my jeans. I pulled my sweat shirt off and stood up. My short dress hung down and I bent over to fix my hose and adjust my small cupped bra.

Tyrone asked me if I had a wig and I knelt down and pulled out a brunette long flowing wig. I snapped the clasps in my hair and was ready.

My cock stuffed between my legs was rock hard.

I turned towards Tyrone and walked over to him. I reached down and moved his knees apart and knelt down between his legs and rubbed his crotch. I felt his cock begin to grow in his pants. A minute later I just rubbed my hand up and down his long cock. I wanted to suck him.

Tyrone put the joint in the ash tray and unbuttoned his jeans. He lifted up as I tugged on them and pulled until his black cock popped out. Far enough for me I thought.

Sliding my hand onto his cock I stroked it for a moment then pulled it towards me me and looked at how stiff and strained the skin was. I licked his round black balls then licked the black shaft.

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