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CD Jinn Changing Relationship

So one of my roommates, his girlfriend, and I have had some intense sexual experiences together which I have written about before. And these intense sexual experiences have changed the way I act around that one roommate. I hate when he sees me as a normal male. I try to look as cute as possible without giving the others any clues to my cross dressing. I shave regularly getting rid of almost all of my body hair, and I have been letting my hair grow out. It is not yet shoulder length, golden blonde, and very soft.

I have gotten a few things from my roommates girlfriend. My favorite is my maid get up. She gave me black heels, white stockings, a short black with white trim skirt, with a matching top that had a corset to help with my figure, and a white padded bra, with a white thong. I love it because I have dreamed about my boss forcing me to dress as a maid and pleasure him. The outfit really helps my imagination.

I love putting it on and cleaning my room with the door locked of course. I listen to loud music while sissy maid porn plays on my computer, and I imagine as best I can being the sissy in the video and stroke my little clitty to the idea.

One day me and my roommates were hanging out in the living room playing video games. When I got the urge to dress. I said to them well my room is a mess, so I am going to go upstairs and clean it. I'll be back in a while to beat you guys some more. (as I am a rather good gamer) I ran upstairs I had already showered and cleaned myself up before and was ready to dress I threw on my maid outfit and looked in the mirror.

The stockings pulled up to the middle of my thighs, the corset squeezed my sides giving me the curves I've always wanted, the bra made it seem as though I had a bigger chest that I couldn't help but to grab and squeeze, my skirt short and slutty just the way I wanted to be. As I turned around and bent over to see how much of my ass was revealed there was a knock on my door. I was startled and yelled out "What do you want?"

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