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CD Jinn Caught

Lately I have been having great times with one of my roommates who found me out and found he really enjoyed being with me when I am dressed. However before any of this happened I had met a guy through a friend on the football team at my college and had a couple great times with him while I was dressed. I have been keeping up with him and my other friends.

So I was looking at my calendar and all my roommates were planning on attending a wedding on a Saturday night. All my roommates were friends from high school and I am the guy that got placed with them at an apartment complex. I loved living there and the guys were all cool, and they all knew the person getting married but I didn't leaving me home alone and them staying the weekend back in their hometown.

So I got in touch with Jerry my football friend and asked if he wanted to do something now that football season is over, and he said yes. All my roommates left and I got ready. I showered and shaved anything that needed it and put on my favorite white stockings, matching white thong, and white corset with a padded bra. To finish my outfit I put on a plad short school girl skirt and white top. I did my hair to look feminine, and waited for him.

He got here at about 11 o'clock after "Stopping by" a party. He said he would be over at 8 so I was waiting a long time. He finally shows up getting dropped off by his friend. He comes inside and is totally drunk. He told me I looked pretty and was falling all over me so I sat him on the couch, and sat down next to him. He put his hand on my leg and started rubbing up my thigh under my skirt. I asked how the party was, and he said great and told me some story I don't remember.

He grabbed me by the waist and pulled my far hip toward him making me straddle him. I was surprised by his sudden energy and when I lowered my ass I felt his hard cock in his pants. I started rubbing it with my ass, and he started kissing my neck. It had all came out of no where, but I was liking it. I got on my knees and pulled his pants down. I wrapped my lips around his cock and started sucking him.

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