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CD fantasising Part 1

I keep fantasising about my big, sexy, black flat mate catching a glimpse of my body. My naked, smooth, soft, glistening body as I walk from the shower to my room. Then he follows me in, and closes the door.

I turn around, the towel in my hand, and smile. He likes that. He looks at my legs, and my soft dick, and I can see the movement in his pants, imagine the growth in his meat. My mouth becomes wet at the thought.

He moves towards me, staring me in the eye. I know he's committed. He stands so close to me, puts a strong hand on my ass and turns me in his arms. I feel small, and desired. I hear the clink of metal as he undoes his belt, he unbuttons his jeans, he lifts it out and I feel it. It's warm as he rubs it against my ass softly, slowly discovering it's new Eden. He has one hand on my hip, the other working its way up my body until he puts it around my throat, just firm enough to make me feel something.

He nibbles my earlobe, I touch his dick. I run my fingers along all of it and softly caress the tip, I feel it jerk slightly. It knows it's wanted. I wrap my hand around it, it feels even bigger somehow than I imagined, more real. He kisses my neck. The sound I make lets him know I want it, all of it. I run my other hand through the side of his hair, I'm rubbing my ass against his cock with more intensity. My mouth becomes keen.

I turn around, I look coyly in his eyes, smile at him, and begin kissing his chest. He smells virile, I fucking love it. I kiss his skin through hair, working my way down his strong body, all the time feeling his erection rubbing against my body. I get more and more excited and my mind starts to writhe in pleasure at the thoughts of what's happening. Brain both imagining and unthinking in those moments of sheer bliss when I'm grabbing his ass with my hands, drawing his body into my face.

His dick is huge. I kiss it softly, slowly, just once, and I look up at him. He puts one hand under my chin. I keep looking at him as I open my mouth and take the tip between my lips. I have to close my eyes, it feels too good. I make myself open them again. I wanna see his face when I take it all in.

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