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Caught in the act

After my first encounter with John’s dick, I couldn’t get it out of my mind. Two weeks later we met at a friend’s party and we talked about it. He was worried his girl friend might find out. I told him he had noting to worry about as I had as much to lose as he had. But I also said it was the best sex I ever had & wanted a repeat performance. He agreed it was fun but felt to do it again would be risky. I said all we needed was an excuse to go away for the weekend. I told him to leave it to me.

I happen to mention to his girlfriend later that John & I were thinking of going away to see a band in a couple of week’s time. She said great, ill come with you. I almost panicked but recovered by saying I only have two tickets. Close one.

Instead of going to a hotel we decided to go camping instead. We found a quiet local spot to setup and unpacked. I brought two bags. One with necessities such clothes, toothbrush & food. The other was full lingerie. I was going to be the bitch again tonight. We both seemed nervous. I told him we going to get ready.

I entered the tent alone and opened the bag of “goodies”. I striped & picked up a white nightie. I then slipped on white panties. I was trying to resist the temptation of masturbation until I was fully dressed. I then put on white stocking, a mini skirt & a sexy pink top.

Next I applied makeup and my wig. I was now ready to meet my man. I unzipped the tent door am exited. John was lying against a tree. He seemed generally shocked.


I walked up to John & whispered into his ear “So what do you think?”.

“Very sexy”

I kissed him passionately. He put both hands on my bum cheeks pulled me against his hardening dick. We dry humped for ten minutes or so while continuing to kiss. He then led me by the hand to the tent. I entered the tent first on all fours. My innocent white panties were clearly visible as i teased John behind me. Then suddenly John pulled down my panties and started licking my asshole. It felt so good I almost feinted. “ah yea that’s it lick my ass” I demanded. He put his finger in then two. “ It feels so good, lick me again….yea…deeper”

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